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Jens Rabius

Tel: +49 40 72769 135

Jens Rabius has been with LUTZ Elevators since 1999 where he started in sales. Since 2011 he is responsible for the marine elevator department. 

+49 40 72769 135

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David Jaramillo

Tel: +49 40 72769 203

From container ships to mega yachts – David Jaramillo has many years of experience dealing with the demanding service and scheduling requirements in the maritime industry. As naval architect he is also very familiar with all technical and regulatory requirements, as well as the applicable international rules and standards. He is your first point of contact when it comes to manufacturer-independent after sales services for marine elevators, including annual inspections, maintenance, repair, spare parts and modernisation of elevators on board of vessels and offshore platforms.

+49 40 72769 203

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LUTZ Elevators is actively committed to environmental protection. This claim arises from within ourselves because, especially as a family business, we feel an obligation to future generations. We work every day toget better. We can act independently. We can take action without directives from above. However, it is also important that we are honest and communicate transparently where we stand and where we want to go.

Our production

Solar cells dominate the roof of our company headquarters in Reinbek. In the future, we want to cover over 40 percent of our production needs with solar power.

The total of 364 solar modules, each with a peak output of 350 watts, feed the electricity they produce into the production building's grid and surplus electricity into a storage system.

Our hall renovation is also helping us to save CO2. 

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets the standard for ourselves and the world we are interacting with.

It delcares how we would like to do business with others and describes our responsible behavior towards business partners.

It applies to all employees, from the board to the intern and also valid for our clients and suppliers. 

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We are proud members of the IMPA, the International Maritime Purchasing Assocation as well as the BlueCompetence Initiative, a sustainability-driven branch of the VDMA. With these memeberships, we are hoping to make an impact on sustainability in the maritime industry. 

We are currently working on more certifications to provide our clients with more transparency on our sustainability intitiatives.